Hammond Ashley Violins



Written by Jonathan Peterson. Taken from Guild of American Lutherie #34 Sumer 1993 by Dave Wilson and Peggy Warren.

After the Christmas 1963 layoffs at Boeing, Ham Planned on having an active retirement. With a background in engineering, woodworking, and music, lutherie seemed a natural choice. He set up shop under the airport's landing approach and worked on a little of everything, - organs, pianos, and even furniture. But the second floor was devoted to lutherie. He ended up having a whole new 30 year career.

His lively interest in advancing the science of sounds led him to explore both the old and the new. Making, restoring, and repairing included experiences with many varieties of stringed instruments including gamba, bass, cello, viola, violin, the eight members of the "new family" of violins, rebec, sitar, sarod, crwth, and harp. But his specialty was the violin family, particularly basses. He worked with Carleen Hutchins of the Acoustical Catgut Society and was an active member of the GAL.

Hammond Ashley died on May 1, 1993 at the age of 91. We have lost an advocate for fine music and fine musical instrument making, and a good friend.

Bryce Van Paris was born and raise near the east side of Seattle near WA. He studied music from a young age, and in 1997 graduated from Central Washington University in string bass performance. Upon graduation Bryce joined Hammond Ashley Violins as a sales associate, specializing in low strings. His connects with the local musical community created an idea partnership between teachers, performers and Hammond Ashley violins. He maintains an active performance schedule in the PNW. To see Bryce, visit www.brycevanparis.com

Headshot of current CFO, playing bass and smiling at the camera