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Seattle-Issaquah Rentals

At Hammond Ashley Violins, we firmly believe that to ensure a student's success it is extremely important to have an instrument that is easy to play and produce a good sound. Violin family instruments require expert setup and adjustment to facilitate this, which is why it is important to work with a local shop that can address the specific issues of playability, sound, and maintenance. Our rental instruments are set up to the same standards as our instruments for sale to make learning as enjoyable as possible. Our rentals are very good instruments with the highest quality strings and setup. All rentals include a high quality case, good bow, and rosin. Violin and Viola include a shoulder rest. Celli include a slip stop for the end pin. Violins through celli include a German Wittner brand tailpiece with fine tuners.

violin rental

Rent is paid monthly, with 100% of rent during the first 9 months being offered as purchase credit. This purchase credit can be used for any like instrument in our store. For example, violin rent credit is good towards any violin. Once purchased, our instruments have a guaranteed trade up value of 75% to 100% of the amount paid.

We are now able to offer complete online rental registration. Certain schools have been selected as delivery and return locations in the Fall and Spring.

A damage/loss plan is included in the rental rate to cover loss or damage while an instrument is on rental. A deductible will apply per incident.

After filling out the online rental agreement, it will reach our offices for approval and is subject to instrument availability. After payment is processed, You will receive an email confirmation that an instrument is ready for you to pick up at our location. We have also arranged select drop off schools in Washington State to deliver instruments in the fall. Please check with your orchestra director to see if your school is a drop off location, or have them contact us to apply for this service.

Please fill out our online rental form to be approved and secure availability of an instrument. We will email you back confirmation of your request.

Violin rental includes:

Rate: $39/month including tax and insurance
Read how to size a violin

Viola rental includes:

Rate: $39/month including tax and insurance
Read how to size a viola

Cello Rental Includes

Fractional Cello $69/month including tax and insurance
Full Size Cello $79/month including tax and insurance

Read how to size a cello

Fill out our online rental form.

Double bass rental:

Please call for information about bass rentals